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Great Hammock Beach FAQs


When is the trash picked up?

During the 2024 season, trash and recyclables are picked up each Monday beginning May 20 through September 30.There will be a second pickup during the 4th of July week on Friday July 5.  Walker Ave Ext will continue to have their trash picked up on Thursdays. Do not put grass clippings in the trash bin or leave trash outside of the bin, the trash hauler may refuse to pick up the bin and will not pick up items placed outside of the bin.


When is recycling picked up?

During the season, recyclables are picked up each Monday from May 20, 2024 through September 30, 2024.


What is considered recyclable?

There are a lot of things considered recyclable!  For a complete listing CLICK HERE.  Paper of all types including cardboard, glass and plastic containers, magazines, paper beverage cartons (such as drink boxes, and milk and juice cartons), boxboard (such as cereal and cracker boxes), and discarded mail. Everyone in CT must recycle, it's the law!


How do I get a key to the boat ramp?

Boat ramp keys are only available to GHBA members.  These keys are numbered and cannot be copied.  Keys are $10 each and may be obtained by contacting Scott Loveland.


Can I fish from the boat dock? 

Fishing may be done from the boat ramp but not from the docks.  Crabbing may be done from the fixed wooden dock or from the main floating dock (the fingers are private property).


How do I get on the list for a boat slip?

You must be a GHBA member to get on the waiting list for boat slips.  Submit your request in writing to Scott Loveland or any member of the Board.


Can anyone use the boat slips in the Back River?

No. These are privately owned boat slips and are only for the use of the owner of that slip.  The floating dock “fingers” are private property; please do not trespass on these docks.  When launching and retrieving your boat, you may temporarily tie up to the wooden fixed dock.


If I have guests and there is no parking available, what can I do?

Parking is not allowed on either side of any of the streets.  Residents are instructed to call the police to have them ticketed or towed because of safety concerns regarding emergency vehicles.  You may have your guests park at Harvey's Beach (for a small fee during the season) or you may choose to shuttle them to a local unused parking lot (such as those at the local churches and schools--there are several less than a mile of GHB).


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